Background Check

Background CheckBackground check, Ask yourself – Are they who they claim to be? Make sure you’re 1 step ahead with a background check

Whether to assist you in making the correct hiring decision or for the simple need to know something about someone who has recently become a part of your life Eyes On Target can help you to discover the information you need to have in order to make the correct, informed decision.

On meeting an individual you have no source of information about them and depending on the conversation, they will of course choose what to tell you. Conduct a background check today with Eyes On Target.

It’s an unavoidable truth: on first meeting an individual, you have no source of information about them other than what they choose to tell you. This holds true for potential business partners, tenants, life partners, company employees, and those employed in particularly sensitive positions such as housekeepers and care providers for the young and elderly.

Background check

Provides you with all the information you require to make an informed decision on your situation.

We are certain to be able to get you the information you require with our background checks.

  • Check out a potential or existing personal partner before taking the plunge into marriage or a deeper relationship.
  • Establish the financial situation and credit standing of a potential partner, irrespective of whether you’re considering a personal or a business relationship.
  • Determine the reliability and, or character of a potential employee, such as a nanny, a babysitter or a carer.
  • Check out any criminal background of a potential partner or employee.

If you want to discuss the possibility of a background check to enable you to make the right decisions moving ahead, why not get in touch right now? We will talk you through how our background and due diligence checks work, so you can decide if it’s the right way to go for you.

Background Check Accuracy And Confidentiality

We provide skilled Private Investigators to the legal profession, corporate clients and to the general public.

We work for private individuals, corporate clients and as sub-contractors to other Private investigators and agencies.

We also fully understand that this may well be a stressful time and would like to assure you that we treat every enquiry we receive in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the guidelines of the Data Protection Act of 1998.

If you think you may require our help, whatever your problem, please do contact us today.