Employee Investigations

Employee InvestigationsEmployee Investigations – The role of the investigator!

The role of an investigator is to be fair and objective so that they can establish the essential facts of the matter and reach a conclusion on what did or did not happen. An investigator should do this by looking for evidence that supports the allegation and evidence that contradicts it. In potential disciplinary matters, it is not an investigator’s role to prove the guilt of any party but to investigate if there is a case to answer.

Do employees regularly become ill or injured? Is this a continuous occurrence? Do you suspect employees wrongfully taking time off work due to sickness or injury? If you have a reason to suspect that employees are claiming false sick leave or false repetitive and persistent sickness then you need to call our team. We understand that staff absenteeism is costly and disruptive to your businesses. Not only does staff absenteeism affect the bottom line of a company it affects staff morale too and this is why our investigators will complete all fraudulent sick leave investigations as discreetly and quickly as possible so as to cause minimal disruption for your business and other employees.

False Compensation Claims – Employee Investigations

In today’s current climate we very often see what people’s honesty is over come by greed, time and time again. Insurance companies have reported a sharp and dramatic rise in insurance claims and sadly many are made on false pretences and when it comes to false compensation claims the real victim is the employer.

Our false compensation claims investigators will work with you to establish the facts, providing you with the evidence you need to end false claims against your business, saving you thousands in fraudulent compensation claims.

We offer a comprehensive and conclusive false compensation claims investigation service that will help to quickly and effectively establish if a claim is genuine. If an employee has claimed to have suffered an injury in the workplace, the consequences can cause financial stress and damage the reputation of the business.

Small businesses are often unequipped to effectively investigate false compensation claims and these are often the businesses that are the hardest hit – this is where our fraudulent compensation claims investigators can help!

Moonlighting Investigations – Employee Investigations

Do you think your employee is undertaking paid employment in company time, or are they taking time off sick and working else where?

You will find that most employees are honest, devoted, loyal and happy working for their employer. Unfortunately there are employees not so honest, devoted or loyal and engage in Moonlighting.

Our investigators have worked on numerous moonlighting investigations assisting employers establish the truth about their employees, without the risk of legal proceeding being imposed against the employer. See ACAS link above for Legal information for Employers.