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How do GPS Trackers Work

How Do GPS Tracking Systems Work

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Download PDF - How Do GPS Tracking Systems WorkEyes On Target sell a range of GPS tracking systems both for vehicle tracking, asset tracking and person tracking most of which are live trackers.

GPS 2 300x180 - How Do GPS Tracking Systems WorkThese types of GPS Tracking Systems report back in real time showing the trackers position on a moving map display as often as a few seconds. The tracker obtains its position by using the GPS tracking systems (Global Positioning System) The GPS system uses 24 satellites travelling in 6 orbital paths around the Earth at a distance of 12,600 miles. These satellites transmit a low power signal The pattern of their orbit is calculated so that a GPS receiver on the earth’s surface is always ‘visible to at least 4 of these satellites. From these 4 satellite transmissions your GPS Tracker can work out its location to within a few metres. This is the same system used by car sat nav systems and is extremely accurate.

The tracker then sends its position data back to a web server via GPRS or 3G on the mobile phone network to report its position this can be as often as every few seconds or if regular updates are not required much longer time spans can be selected. The web server also stores all of the positions in a history file enabling you to see all of the trackers movements even from many months ago, enabling you to just leave it on the vehicle without logging in from your PC or phone and still be able to see what journeys it has made at your leisure. The tracking panel can be viewed from any modern PC as long as it has a internet connection. There is also a facility that allows you to view the tracker in real time from a tablet or mobile phone using Android or IOS Apps.

Top GPS Tracking Systems

102-Nano GPS Tracker


rewire 300x300 - How Do GPS Tracking Systems WorkKeep track of your family members, employees or anyone you need to monitor, with the 102-Nano GPS tracker from Rewire Security, one of the smallest GPS tracking devices available. Even with its small compact design the 102-NANO does not lack on function or features. It’s magnetic base allows you to stick it to any metal surface, under your car or on any other asset, just in a matter of seconds. The biggest advantage is that its an all-round GPS Tracker that has been built to serve to all types of different users; from a beginner to the most advanced. 102-NANO can be installed in just a matter of seconds without using any tools. Once the unit is placed in a vehicle, the user only needs a mobile phone, tablet or pc to check its location.The 102nano offers a whole host of advanced features such as remote listening, SMS move alerts, over speed alert, SOS alerts and geo fencing just to name a few.

Magnetic GPS Tracker – GPS/GSM/GPRS


8f83efff5da7 1 300x300 - How Do GPS Tracking Systems WorkThis is a professional car tracker with anti-lost, anti-theft and tracking!When you have it , you will surprise about its multiple features. You can use GPS / LBS / GSM / GPRS to position so that error range of precise positioning is less than 5 meters. We provide website / Wechat / APP/SMS to inquire tracking information which is easy and convenient for you to check. This car GPS tracker has a 5000 mAh battery, and if it charged 10 minutes, it can be stand by 30days. Under safe mode, locator will automatically launch a positioning information every 15 seconds, and battery power can be used for 25 days; Under power saving mode, locator will position when moving and be in standby when be static. Battery power can be used for 60 days. Battery power can be used for 300 days.

Magnetic GPS Tracker


36a68d578f6c 1 300x300 - How Do GPS Tracking Systems WorkReal time free tracking, GSM/GPS dual mode positioning, positioning accuracy of up to 5 meters. 5000mAh ultra large capacity battery, super long standby, charge once can standby for 90 days. Electronic fence, over speed, low power alarm, voice monitor. Track the location of the lost or stolen pets, children, the elderly and vehicles. Call the tracker recieve an instant location map to your phone/tablet/PC of exactly where the tracker is located. IPX6 waterproof design, no need to worry about the rainy days. SIM card is not included. Any time you want to locate the tracker all you have to do is call the SIM phone number or send it a text message. Once connected the unit will send you a SMS Text message with a Google Maps link. If you want online tracking, then you just need to turn on GPRS and set APN, then log in APP/Web Platform.

Vehicle GPS Tracker Real-time Locator


2dcbe3ba37de 1 300x300 - How Do GPS Tracking Systems WorkThe GPS Vehicle tracker built-in GSM, GPS antenna with low noise and high gain, it supports real-time tracking location information automatically for car/vehicle/motorcycle/bike via SMS, queries on Google map. This GPS tracker will work with 2G SIM card or 3G/4G SIM card with 2G network. GPS positioning time: Cold start -38s (Open sky), Warm start -32s, Hot start -2s (Open sky). GSM Frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS: Class 12, GPS Sensitivity: -159dBm, Acquisition Sensitivity: -144dBm, Position Accuracy: 10m, GSM/GPS Antenna: Built-in design, LED Indicator: GSM-green, GPS-blue, Power-red, Data Transmit: TCP, SMS, Mileage Report: Track by time/distance interval, Card: Ordinary sim card (2G GSM Card – NOT INCLUDE)

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