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We offer process servers to law firms, in-house legal teams, and public sector clients anywhere in the UK.

Solicitors can encounter difficulties and delays where clients, witnesses or other key individuals claim they have never received legal documentation, or where process is required as a matter of law.
Eyes on Target’ service eliminates such unwelcome delays by ensuring important documents are delivered to the hands of an individual or firm in the first place.

Our UK Process Servers are most often employed to deliver legal documents and witness summonses. We can however deliver any documentation whereby proof of, or the benefit of direct and confirmed delivery, to a particular individual is needed.

Following the service of the documents, an agent will sign proof of service documentation, or arrange an affidavit of service where appropriate, so there can be no ambiguity in the receipt of papers.

We are trusted by top law firms throughout the UK for our professionalism and reliability in process servers. Instructing us helps to smooth out the process, therefore speeding up proceedings and reducing time consuming and costly delays.

Eyes On Target have an extensive network of operators and can therefore offer our Process Servers service and all of our other legal support services throughout the UK.

Documents served

Our Process Servers service can be used to serve any documents required including:

  • Service of witness summonses
  • Service of bankruptcy petitions
  • Service of divorce petitions
  • Service of occupation orders
  • Quitting notices
  • Statutory demands
  • And any other papers you require