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Staff Monitoring App

Staff Monitoring App | mSpy | Track Mobile & Desktop Devices

Best Phone Tracker - Track SMS, Chats, Calls, GPS

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mSpy - advanced Staff Monitoring App - tracking technology for mobile and desktop devices!

Staff Monitoring App

24 hr Support

mSpy develops advanced Staff Monitoring App - monitoring applications for computer and mobile phone devices, by employing state-of-the-art technology to deliver a host of monitoring features to its client base. Our advanced software, ease of use, and outstanding customer support make mSpy's software a standout in the monitoring solutions market.

mSpy is redefining the world of mobile and computer security software. We want you to make your purchase of the Staff Monitoring App with confidence, knowing that we deliver you with an elite product.

Experience mSpy Staff Monitoring App for yourself today to find out why we are the go-to monitoring solution for over one million satisfied customers!

Contact our unbeatable customer support team with any questions or queries you may have.


Staff Monitoring App

How Can mSpy Help You?

mSpy Staff Monitoring App offers advanced mobile & computer software technology that enables you to:

Be a Better Business person – By Monitoring Your Employees. As an employer, you demand assurance that your employees are using company-provided mobile and computer technology in a professional and productive manner. If you question whether your employees are sending personal texts, calls or emails during work hours, or suspect that they may be disclosing confidential company information to unauthorized parties, then mSpy can gives you the tools you need to know for certain. mSpy monitors all data on a device and delivers the information through a secure server to an online Control Panel for your convenient viewing.

Be A Better Parent – By Supervising Your Children

Today's youth are exposed daily to untold dangers, which can be quite unnerving for parents who yearn for their safety and security when they are apart. Fortunately, you can now have mSpy by your side to act as a parental control when you aren't around to supervise. GPS location tracking lets you know exactly where your children are at all times. Also learn whom they are calling and texting to ensure they are not being bullied or engaging in risky behavior.

Be More Self-Secure – With Mobile Data Backup

Using Staff Monitoring App you can monitor your own device usage and activity by backing up your data. Need to remember where you went, what you wrote in that text message, or when you talked to someone? Your digital device logs and real-world locations are automatically uploaded and stored to your mSpy account for 24/7 access to the Control Panel. Track your lost or stolen phone and retain all its data by performing device backup.


Staff Monitoring App

 Dashboard Example

  • View general account information
  • Check cell phone activity report
  • See 10 most calling contacts and last locations


View any contact from a contact list - View names and numbers in an address book - Look through other contact details, such as emails, home address, job info - View contacts from chat apps

Call Logs

Monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls - View timestamps, chronology, call duration - Access information about a calling person from the address book - Restrict incoming calls

Snap Chat

Monitor photos, videos sent and received via Snapchat - Read text messages and Snapchat conversation


Monitor text messages - Look through contact information - Track hidden communication

 Text Messages

View all text messages and shared content - View the sender’ information - View time and date stamps


Monitor recent GPS location on a virtual map - Watch through route history - Get informed when a kid leaves safe areas

 GEO Fencing

Geo-fencing Set virtual barriers and get alerted when they are breached - Monitor the device’s movement - Get alerted about the device’s movements


Photo View all photos (downloaded, shared, received) - Watch time and date stamps - Access photos log history

 Video Files

View any video (taken with a cam, shared, downloaded, received) - Control exposure to porn resources - View date and time stamps - Access video log history

Browser History

Browser history Monitor online activity - Filter web content - View time and date stamps - View browsing history


E-mail Check email content - View time and date stamps of the email - View contact and identification information of the sender/recipient


 Block Websites

Block-websitesFilter any hit on the Internet - Block any site - Set time restrictions to a particular site


Skype Monitor all text messages, even the deleted ones - Track calls and calls’ details (time and date stamps)


Whatsapp Monitor chats - Monitor calls and their details (time, date, and duration) - Monitor media (shared, downloaded) - View contact information

Facebook Tracking


Monitor Facebook chats - View every profile added as a friend

Viber Tracking

Viber Tracking

Monitor text messages, even the deleted ones - Monitor calls and their details (time, date, and duration) - View Group chatting

 Tinder Tracking

Tinder Tracking

View dating profile - Monitor child’s account activity - Monitor any interaction with a match - View all matches



Monitor all contacts - Monitor hidden chats - Monitor texting via Telegram app - See any interaction’s timestamps

 Keyword Tracking


Get useful insights about your child’s device usage - Set keywords you want to track on the kid’s device - Get informed about suspicious keywords or phrases on the device - Monitor all the content with inappropriate inputs

Installed Apps


Monitor any app installed on the phone - Restrict or block any app


Keylogger Get useful insights about your kid’s interests - Monitor what your kid types on a keyboard - Look through keylogger logs

 Wi-Fi Networks


Identify the most visited places - Track visited Wi-Fi hotspots - Find out details about the connection (type, time) - Look through Wi-Fi networks - Prevent from connecting to a suspicious hotspot

 Phone Management


View information about connected Device (battery charge, update time, OS version, mSpy version, free/occupied memory on the device) - View/Change settings of your mSpy account - Block Websites/incoming calls




The app is ostensibly intended for legal monitoring use, and there are certainly legitimate reasons to install the software. Companies, for instance, could inform their employees that they’re surveilling company phones for security purposes



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