Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle TrackingGPS Vehicle Tracking Service

GPS Vehicle Tracking is now very common throughout the world and have become a valuable aid in combating crime. It is however important to know the full capabilities, and reliability and integrity of such devices when using them in any legal proceedings. Trackers should be used not to provide indisputable evidence of an activity, but to provide intelligence from which another action may be taken, such as a manned covert surveillance or static observation, whereby actual video evidence can be obtained.

When Should Vehicle Tracking Be Used

A vehicle tracking device, although in ideal conditions can be extremely accurate when pinpointing a position of a vehicle for instance, can be subject to terrain, and extreme weather conditions causing it to malfunction at times. It is our advice to use them only to provide support of a suspicion and the gathering of further intelligence with which to conduct further investigation.

Eyes On Target uses GPS vehicle tracking devices daily to detect criminal activity or to protect assets and clients find this a cost effective exercise when deciding on immediate manned surveillance to confirm their suspicions about some illegal activity.

The tracker allows for the control of an object such as a vulnerable person. A perimeter can be set around the vehicle or object being tracked. If it moves beyond that boundary a text alert is sent out and action can be taken almost immediately.

Vehicle Tracking Allows for Control of a Situation

If a vehicle is used by a suspect, then using a tracking device provides valuable data of the location. It does not confirm the movements of the suspect driver, only the vehicle. Therefore using such data in evidence is not reliable without further corroboration such as surveillance.

Vehicle Trackers can Monitor the Safe Passage of Cargo

We use trackers to monitor the safe passage of cargo in transit for distributors and manufacturers to prevent cargo theft. We provide trackers to owners of caravans, horse boxes and and other valuable moveable assets. Client’ can now observe live transmissions on their mobile phones not limited to their PC or Laptop to observe. Our tracking equipment uses GPS, GPRS and GSM. We are able to provide security and intelligence gathering for our investigations and our clients needs. Our mapping software provides print outs of journeys going back months. If required a whole route taken by the vehicle, with all stops and starts shown together with time actually stopped. The premises visited can be viewed in many cases at street view providing valuable information.


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